The California Community Colleges Security Information Center takes the security of its colleges, staff, and student information data extremely seriously. To help protect our confidential assets we have developed an active Security Awareness program to provide user awareness education through self-paced online training. While our objective is to meet all compliance and legal requirements, our overarching goal is to educate and protect our staff and administration by changing their online behaviors and encouraging safe practices.

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Security Awareness Training

What is the Problem?

Though colleges and universities today have security policies, firewalls, IDS, or encryption ... they are still being compromised.  While colleges may be actively enforcing many positive security practices, they often neglect to focus on the day to day actions that lead to accidental insider attacks (employees getting hacked). Such attacks are often caused by staff simply performing the wrong actions, unaware,..and it is REALLY hard to stop this problem.

Video:  "You Are The Target"  Learn more about why and how cyber criminals can target you at work and at home.  

Changing Behaviors Through Online Training

The only effective solution is to minimize threats and attacks through good user awareness training. By educating our staff to use technology more effectively in their daily lives, and teaching them best practices for online activities, we can greatly reduce the chances that our colleges become victims of today’s data security breaches. By enabling our staff to recognize and handle an incident - should one occur, we are protecting them at work and at home . 

Video:  "Personal Computer Security" explores the ways to secure your personal computer against unwanted cyber attacks.

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Security Awareness Training Program

The CCC Security Awareness Education program is based on Securing The Human, a series of highly engaging, online training modules developed using advanced video animation technology to ensure the greatest learning impact for our users.

Each module (approx. 5 minutes or less) introduces an important security or compliance topic, explains how it can or does affect us as users, and then teaches us to either solve the issue, or prevent it from becoming a threat or breach by employing safe practices. An optional quiz at the end can help reinforce the new material. Users who complete the full training receive a Certificate of Completion.  View all sample videos and demos.

Who Should Take Security Awareness Training?

Designed as a professional development program, security awareness training is offered to administrators and staff within the California Community Colleges, and in particular those who handle secure information or deal with private student data, personal identity information, research data, social security numbers, or financial aid data as part of their job functions.

*AdministratorsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about creating a custom training program for your staff.  With over thirty modules to choose from, you need only select the content that is relevant to your needs.  Employees can take training on their own time, at their own pace, with no travel involved. 

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Register for training and begin today!

Click here to register for CCC Security Awareness Training. Administrators may enroll themselves and up to 15 additional employees with a college or district email address (.edu).  For more information about the training, user licenses, or the registration process, please contact Jeff Holden, Chief Information Security Officer, California Community Colleges Technology Center, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.